Data Provenance Staff Week


Data Provenance Staff Week

The main purpose of this event will be to survey the aspects of interest addressed nowadays around the data provenance field and to explore the different ways that can converge towards a join collaboration between the participants, opening prosperous lines of future work. In the following link can be found the announcing poster.


Dates: 29– 31 October


Organisers (please contact us for any further information):

Beatriz Pérez Valle (

Francisco J. García Izquierdo (

Carlos Sáenz Adán (


List of Participants:

Adriane Chapman (University of Southampton)

Paul Groth (University of Amsterdam)

Trung Dong Huynh (King’s College London)

Paolo Missier (Newcastle University)

Luc Moreau (King’s College London)

Carlos Sáenz Adán (Universidad de La Rioja)




Tuesday, 29 October 2019

12:00-13:00 Invited talk

 “Making usable provenance cost effective”

Adriane Chapman

 University of Southampton

15:30-16:30 UML2PROV Tutorial

Carlos Sáenz Adán

 Universidad de La Rioja

16:30-17:30 Invited talk

 “Thoughts on Making Provenance Understandable

Paul Groth

 University of Amsterdam

18:00-19:00 Invited talk

 “Re-computation of Big Data Analytics Processes in the Presence of Changes: a meta-process powered by provenance

Paolo Missier

 Newcastle University

19:00 -19:30 Discussion and group work


 Wednesday, 30 October 2019

10:00-11:00 Invited talk

“Provenance-based explanations for automated decision making”

Luc Alice Victor Moreau

 King’s College London

12:00 Thesis defence

“Towards a framework for making applications provenance-aware“

Carlos Sáenz Adán

 Universidad de La Rioja


Thursday, 31 October 2019

10:00-11:00 Invited talk

“Provenance Analytics: Gaining insights from provenance of data”

Trung Dong Huynh

 King’s College London

11:30-13:00 Conclusions and future work


This event has been partially funded by the programme Erasmus+, the project number EDU2016-79838-P from «Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Gobierno de España)», and the «Vicerrectorado de Investigación» of «Universidad de La Rioja». The «Departamento de Matemáticas y Computación» of «Universidad de La Rioja» also has contributed to the event by facilitating the required equipment.


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Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad