Smart perception systems in industrial and agricultural domains

PonentesRoberto Marani (Investigador Predoctoral, Istituto di Sistemi e Tecnologie Industriali Intelligenti per il Manifatturiero Avanzato, Intelligent Sensing and Perception Group. Bari, Italia),

Lugar: online (

Hora: miércoles 5 de mayo, 10:00

Resumen: Advanced perception is a key enabling technology for shaping innovation in any physical environment. Low-cost technologies implementing multisensor systems, such as sensor networks and/or visual systems, cooperate with new methodologies assisted by computational intelligence to support people in making decisions in planning and controlling automatic devices for several application fields. The complete design of such systems is the main goal of the Intelligent Sensing and Perception (ISP) group, whose research is mainly targeted at the acquisition, fusion, processing, and interpretation of multisensor data. This talk will present several examples of advanced perception systems endowed with smart abilities for industrial diagnostics, human assistance, and precision agriculture. After a brief presentation of the activities of the ISP group, it will go through two case studies regarding i) innovative quality control procedures for defect detection in aeronautic structures and ii) image acquisition and processing for on-field yield analysis in precision agriculture. Possible opportunities for further cooperation in the very next future will be also presented.