The kernel of Sphynx

Ponente: Francis Sergeraert (Université Joseph Fourier – Grenoble 1).

Lugar: Seminario Mirian Andrés (Edificio CCT).

Hora: martes 16 de mayo de 2023, 12:00.

Resumen: The Kenzo program was born thirty years ago. Taking account of the long experience of Kenzo, in particular of its relatively important defects, an entirely new version of Kenzo is currently being rewritten, called Sphynx. Thirty years later, our machines are much more powerful, allowing us to use all the resources of Common Lisp, in particular the Meta Object Protocol. The result is a text much closer to the very nature of the underlying mathematics, satisfying also the now common requirements: strict typing during the development, efficiency in production. The talk will explain the main components of the Sphynx program.