en Charla

Functional Programming is Free


Ponente: Francis Sergeraert (Université Joseph Fourier – Grenoble 1)

Lugar: Seminario Mirian Andrés (Edificio CCT)

Hora: jueves 1 de junio, 12:00

Resumen: The Kenzo  program, devoted to Algebraic  Topology, uses intensively “Functional Programming”.  The complexity  problem in such a situation must consider the *cost* of the numerous functional objects dynamically generated at runtime, with a structure rather complex. The underlying tool, the notion of “closure” is essential in the process. Good news: we will explain why, in our  context, the cost of these functional objects is essentially null. Needs a lucid understanding of the real structure of these magic objects called “closures”, the main subject of the talk. No knowledge in Algebraic Topology is required to attend this talk.